Snir David
CTO. Programmer. Enthusiast technologist.
I'm an experienced CTO and software architect. I help designing systems for scale and lead team to new heights.

Hi, my name is Snir David, I'm an experienced CTO and software architect.

As CTO I fulfilled the role of technology leader in companies, as well as team leader and manager. I create responsible and reliable technology plans and paths for the companies I work for. I am also filling the role of team manager and leader, driving the teams forward and managing the day-to-day work.

I have implemented OKRs methodology successfully, have managed to transform a team to be 100% remote without any fallout, and run transparent and performant scrum based team on a day to day basis.

As software architect I create architectures that drives businesses forward, leveraging stable and reliable methodologies to consistently provide proven value.

I have delivered architectures that handled billions of events per day on a real time, mission critical systems. Have experience with micro-service distributed systems and have implemented event sourcing based systems that scale.

CTO at
Aug 2018 - Present
- Strategic technical leadership
- System architecture for big data processing
- Team management
- Implemented OKR system across the company
CTO at Captain Up
Aug 2016 – Aug 2018
- Technical leadership
- R&D team management
- Actively developing the platform hands on
Developer at Captain Up
Oct 2013 – Aug 2018
- Full stack developer
- Platform API development using NodeJS
- Back office management development using Rails
- Managing big data in MongoDB
- Managing real time performant data with Redis
- Big data integration and analysis with BigQuery
Developer at Intelligence Corps of IDF
Oct 2010 - Oct 2013
- Fullstack development with Python and Django.
- Systems integrations.
- Relational database experience with SQL.