I'm an experienced CTO and software architect. I help lead technical teams to new heights.

Snir David's Bio:

HI, my name is Snir David, I am a full stack web developer.

As a full-stack developer my experience is mostly with front-end and back-end development.


On the server side I have worked with Python using Django, Ruby using Rails and have the most experience with NodeJS. I was working with Python and Django during my 3 years serving on an intelligence unit in the army, while for the past 3+ years I worked with Rails and NodeJS, while most of my work is done using NodeJS.


Regarding front-end development, as I'm writing JS most of my day, either within NodeJS of the client, I have complete fluency with JS.


I'm excited about good architecture and software design, less fancy of chasing after the next buzz, but rather have stable, well proven solution that solves the problem in the most straight-forward way, while keeping maintanace and future development as easy as possible.

Snir David's Experience: